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CATRA (Cutlery and Allied Trade Research Association) UK test no. BS-EN ISO 8442-5 Materials and Articles in Contact with Foodstuffs - Specification for Sharpness and Edge Retention of Cutlery.


The blade is mounted in a position with the edge vertical and a pack of specially developed synthetic paper is lowered on to it. By oscillating the blade back and forth the blade cuts into the paper, the depth of the cut being the measurement of sharpness. The test media is loaded with 5% silica, which has a mild wearing effect on the blade edge. By repeating the back and forth motion, the cuts are made further, which eventually wears the cutting edge. The measurement of cut depth at each subsequent stroke can then be plotted to produce a wear curve for each blade tested. When a blade can no longer cut 5mm of test paper it is considered dull.

CATRA asked us to explain the difference in wear performance among ceramic knives made from seemingly the same materials. Our answer was that BOTH the materials and the manufacturing process are different.

The primary difference between ViCera™ and other ceramic knife manufacturers is the size of the zirconium oxide particles in the finished blade. Using advanced technology, the zirconium oxide particles in ViCera™ blades are reduced to one fifth of their original size. They are then pressed using 500 tons of pressure (compared to the 200 tons used by other ceramic producers). The end result is a stronger, denser blade with substantially longer edge retention.

Because ViCera™ knives are forged to such exacting standards, there is no need to polish the entire blade before final presentation, which other manufacturers must do. When applied to the entire blade, polishing can create tiny, almost invisible cracks, compromising quality and making the knife more susceptible to breakage. ViCera™ blades are only polished on the cutting edge revealing a brilliant, dense, white blade that naturally resists staining.

  • Usage

    Take care when using this knife as the blade edge is extremely sharp.

    This knife is used for cutting foodstuffs only. It should not be used for any other purpose such as smashing garlic or any other items by turning the blade on its side.

    Ceramic is not able to withstand shock. If dropped from a height the blade is liable to break.

    Always use a plastic or wood cutting board to protect the edge.

    Do not attempt to cut hard ojects such as bones, frozen food, metal, glass, or earthenware. Do not attempt to cut corn or hard thickened items such as pumpkins. Doing so may cause the blade to chip or crack.

    Do not expose to flames.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    In time, tiny chips may appear on the blades edge. This happens to all ceramic knives and does not affect the knife's cutting ability.

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"I have had this knife for 6 months now and use it for all my day to day preparations. I've been waiting to buy the special sharpening stone, but so far I haven't needed it. In a home kitchen, I imagine it would last forever." Mike Carlin
Professional Chef, Mikes2 Kitchen Food Truck, Denver, CO